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General description

Please find attached a general description of Casa Migliara, a farmhouse belonging to mepersonally. Below is a summary of the general features that explain the appeal of the property.

Professor Massimo d’Alessandro’s architectural firm ( is available, upon request, for any kind of cooperation for the completion and restructuring of Casa Migliara on behalf of the new owners, being in possession of the contacts with the City Council and the knowledge with the most suitable local enterprises for every kind of manufacturing.


The name comes from the most important crù of TENIMENTI D’ALESSANDRO, historically the most significant winery in the area for the production of premium-quality wine with the Cortona D.O.C. label, following years of research and study into the area’s vocation for the Syrah vine; the 100 or so hectares of land belonging to the winery that surround the farmhouse, densely planted with vines, forms the distinctive landscape of the hills of Cortona.


The farmhouse belonging to me is the finest of the buildings, situated within the vineyards and olive groves. It is accessible from the provincial road, via a dirt road that leads to the ridge of the hill, after about 100 metres, at an altitude of approx. 300 m a.s.l.

The winery

The splendid property belonging to the winery, surrounding the farmhouse and the vineyards (especially the cru Migliara), is equipped with a Spa, a swimming pool and a Hostelry. Together, they form the services available to the residents of Borgo Syrah, a hundred metres or so away (


The property is composed of a large farmhouse dating back to 1893. I renovated the masonry bearing structure, plasterwork, external painting and shutters, and I have just completed a large underground structure, comprising a garage and utility areas, measuring about 160 sq,m. This is a particularly appealing feature, because the Municipality of Cortona no longer allows the construction of underground garages; this structure has an interior, underground connection with the stairs of the farmhouse.


The land belonging to the property measures approx. 3.2 hectares, two of which were planted with olive trees about 20 years ago; a small construction of about 75 sq.m can be built (I requested a building permit, the buildable volume is provided for by the corporate Recovery Plan approved by the Municipal Council), perhaps a small house for the caretakers, or even a little olive mill: please remember that this is one of the top rated oil producing areas in Italy, and that oil making is a favourite hobby among possible international purchasers.

Swimming pool

Beyond the possibility to establish an agreement with TENIMENTI D’ALESSANDRO for the usage of the services reserved to BORGO SYRAH residents, I requested a building permit for a swimming pool located inside the area owned by CASA MIGLIARA. The authorized dimensions are mt. 6 x 12, I followed the due procedure in the Cortona City Council and the project was approved.

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Planimetry and technical data

In the file attached is the project I designed for myself when I was considering moving to Tuscany to live. The interior is unfinished (there are no utility systems, finishes, flooring or wall coverings),because I have always believed that for a property of such importance, the purchaser would prefer to decide on the finishing elements for himself/herself.


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